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Born in 1974, Amélie Labourdette live and work in Paris.

Amelie Labourdette obtained her degree in Fine Art from the National Fine Art School of Nantes (Les Beaux-Arts). Recipient of numerous research and production grants, her work has been shown in several exhibitions in France and abroad (United Kingdom, China, Georgia, Italy, Germany), and is included in public or private collections. Since 2015, she has been carrying out various artistic residencies in southern Italy, Tunisia (Gafsa) and the United States (Marfa), which have enabled her to develop her photographic projects. In 2016, Amélie won the Sony World Photography Awards in the category Architecture, with the photographic series Empire of Dust. Then in 2017, she was awarded the CNAP grant for Support for Contemporary Documentary Photography for her project Traces d’une occupation humaine carried out in the Gafsa phosphate mining basin, at the gateway to the Tunisian desert.

She is represented by Thierry Bigaignon Gallery, Paris, France.

Amelie Labourdette interrogates through her photographic work what is located below the visible landscape. The landscape is part of our collective and individual memory. It reflects history, an era, a civilization, as well as our imagination. By questioning the notion of territory, by associating anthropological analysis with a subjective poetics of the image, she seeks to photographically unveil these underlying spaces revealing the multiple strata of identities and temporalities of a landscape. She builds and realizes her photographic projects on the basis of an existing state of things and in close relationship with cosmophany concept : her work can be defined as ‘’Archeology of the present’’. Amélie Labourdette questions the documentary, fictional and aesthetic values induced by her photographs.



            Shortlist KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2016 (Conceptual Category)

  • 2004   Award of Visual Arts of the City of Nantes, France.



  • 2019

    KÓSMOS - Pluralité des mondes comme bibliothèque Wby Warburguienne (du 05 jun au 05 July), Le PAD / Collectif Blast, Angers, Fr.

  • 2018

    Traces d'une occupation humaine  (Traces of human occupation) , from 13 september to 10 November , Le Carré d'Art gallery, Chartres-de-Bretagne, FR.

          Traces d'une occupation humaine (Traces of human occupation) , 02 to 08 July, Chez Arthur et Janine gallery, as part of the Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles , FR.



  • 2019

IN RUINS, Meadow Arts, (12July– 28 October), Witley Court, Great Witley, Worcestershire, UK.

50JPEG, OSMOSCOSMOS, Centre de la photographie de Genève (18 jun - 25 August), Swisland.

CET AUTRE MONDE QUI EST AUSSI LE NÔTRE, at the Gallery of the School of Fine Arts of Nantes / St Nazaire, from 28 March to 11 May, exhibition curator Théo-Mario Coppola, Nantes.

  • 2018

Avant la poussière (Under The Sand Exhibition #3) at the LIEU UNIQUE (February), curated by Marion Zilio, Nantes, FR.

  • 2017

METAXU, le séjour des formes (Under The Sand Exhibition #2) at B'chira Art Center (September 29 to October 20), curated by Fatma Cheffi, Tunis, Tunisia.

Paysage, Fiction de la matière / matière à fiction (Landscape, Fiction of material / material for fiction), From 9 to 25 June 2017, Plateforme, curated by Jean-Baptiste Guey, Paris, FR.

Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition, (21st April - 7th may, 2017) Somerset House, London, UK.

New acquisitions Artothèque: Crossed looks/ collections of the Museums of Angers, Museum « Jean-Lurçat and contemporary tapestry », Angers, FR.

  • 2016

NUCLÉUS (Under The Sand, Exhibition #1) at l'ATELIER, (from 8 to 23 December), Artistic directors: Wilfried Nail and Souad Mani, Associate curator: Jean-Christophe Arcos, Nantes,FR.

Satellite Spirite Art Fair/ Antique Future: Thierry Bigaignon Gallery , Marais . Marais Space, curated by Théo-Mario Coppola, (From 8 to 11 December), Paris , FR.

RDV Gallery / Multiple #6, Nantes,FR.

Tbilisi photo festival : Night of photography (17 September 2016), Georgia.

Voyage à Nantes, rue des Vieilles-Douves, Curated by the School of Fine Arts of Nantes Metropolis, FR.

Sony World Photography Awards travelling exhibition : Spazio Tadini (from 16/ 09 to 16/10)), Milan, Italie ; U Space (from 06/07 to 06/26), Beijing, China, Willy-Brandt-Haus (from 05/06 to 30/ 09), Berlin, Germany, Spazio Tadini (from16/ 09 to 16/10), Milan, Italy.

Rencontres d’Arpia, Paris, FR.

Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition, (22 April – 8 May), Somerset House, London, UK.

Kolga Tbilisi photo 2016, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Féminisme(s): Eros & Nature: Joseph Antonin Gallery / Chapel of St. Anne, Arles, FR.

  • 2015

RES NULLIUS (Wilfried Nail - Amélie Labourdette), Gallery le 61, Nantes, FR.

  • 2014

Incarnés de voyages (Incorporated travel), House of Europe, Tbilisi, Georgia.

  • 2013

Incarnés de voyages (Incorporated travel), RDC Gallery, Nantes, FR.

  • 2012

Multiples, Dulcie September Gallery, ESBANM (Superior School of Fine Arts in Nantes Metropolis), FR.

  • 2009

713705, Heidigalerie, Nantes, FR.

Cutlog, art fair with Heidigalerie, Board of Trade in Paris, FR.

  • 2008

Vers une Architecture, Castle Seilleraye, Carquefou (44), FR.

  • 2004

Monter au jour, Museum of Fine Arts, Nantes, FR.

Où sont les femmes, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, FR.

  • 2001

Pontage, Gallery Dulcie September, ESBANM (Superior School of Fine Arts in Nantes), FR.



Collection of the Museum / Art lending library of Angers,

Collection of City of Nantes, France.



  • 2018

Grant from the Nantes Metropolitan School of Fine Arts for an art-residency in Marfa, Texas USA: March 2018 (KÓSMOS Project).

Grant: Support for the creation, Pays de la Loire Region, for the KÓSMOS project,FR.

  • 2017

CNAP ( National Center of Visual Arts): Support for Contemporary Documentary Photography for the project Traces d’une occupation humaine (Government grant).

Under The Sand / art-residency at the LIEU UNIQUE (Nov 28, 2017 to Feb 7, 2018), Nantes, FR.

SONY GRANT SUPPORT, for the KÓSMOS Project: USA (New-Mexico, Arizona, Colorado), february 2017.

  • 2016

Art-Residency: Under The Sand #2/ 2016  (project : Traces of a Human Occupation), Gafsa, Tunisia.

  • 2014

Grant: Support for the creation, Pays de la Loire Region, FR.

Grant: Exceptional allocation CNAP, FR.

Grant: The Individual Support for the Creation / Department of Cultural Affairs of Pays de la Loire (Government grant), FR.

Art-residency at the Art Center Island Moulinsart (72): DRAC of Pays-de-la-Loire device «Writing Light», FR.

  • 2013

Art-residency at l’Usine, Tournefeuille / Toulouse Metropolis, FR.

  • 2012

Art-residency in Tbilisi (Georgia) and Saarbrücken (Germany), as part of the Incarnated travel project .

Support to production of short films, Basse Normandie Region, FR.

  • 2011

Device for Innovation and Multimedia Art Creation (DICAM), FR.

Support to production of a short film, Pays de la Loire Region, FR.

Support to development of a short film, General Council of Loire Atlantic, FR.

  • 2009

Art-residency at The Pommeray Hotel (Been Here and Gone project), Nantes, FR.

  • 2008

CNC (National Center for Cinematography) selective production aid for feature documentary, FR

Help to produce feature-length documentary, Pays de la Loire Region, FR.



France Culture / Les Carnets de la création by Aude Lavigne : «  Les architectures inachevées d’Amélie Labourdette »




  • 2018

EcologiK N57, architecture magazine, Mach 2018, portfolio by Anne-Solange Muis.

TTT Magazine n°VII, February 2018, portfolio and article by Gaël Savary

AMC,  architecture magazine, February 2018, article by Mathieu Oui.

  • 2017

Monthly Photography (South Korea Magazine), July 2017, portfolio and article by Yihyun Park.

Facing Value: Radical Perspectives from the Art, Editeurs: Maaike Lauwaert, Francien van Westrenen, Edition: Valiz.

  • 2016

Professional Photography Magazine ( august 2016, distribute in UK and USA), article by Kathrine Anker.

ARCH+, (German Magazine / Architecture and Urbanism)

Sony World Photography Awards Book 2016

Catalogue Kolga Tbilisi photo 2016.

Revue 303 N°140 « Ruines et vestiges » (« Ruins and remains»): Carte blanche to Amélie Labourdette / text  by Julien Zerbone.

  • 2015

Revue 303 N°138 Design: chronicles / Contemporary Art / text by Éva Prouteau, p 80-81.

  • 2014

Collective catalog / 10 year of residencies to the Hotel Pommeraye.

Catalogue of the Non finito exhibition at the Art Center of Moulinsart Island,

  • 2012

« Passez-Passez » : Photographic book / Publishing L’Usine.

  • 2007

Revue 303 N°96: Né à Nantes comme tout le monde


PUBLICATIONS (WEB / selection)

  • 2018

FISHEYES:  Traces d'une occupation humaine (Trace of human occupation), article by Lou Tsatsas.

ATLAS OF PLACES: portfolio Empire of dust

LE MONITEUR: « Amélie Labourdette en archéologue du présent », article.

  • 2017

LE MONDE : « Rechercher l’esprit du lieu, c’est tenter de saisir une aura qui interpelle la mémoire » (Find the spirit of the place is trying to capture an aura that recall memory) - interview by Claire Gilly.

Télérama : « Quand la nature reprend ses droits, entre romantisme et apocalypse » (When nature regains its rights, between romanticism and Apocalypse )- article by Charlotte Maxin.

SLATE : « Les constructions inachevées, métaphores de la chute d'un système » (Unfinished constructions, metaphors of the fall of a system), interview by Fanny Arlandis .

Point Contemporain (Contemporary Art Review) - EMPIRE OF DUST- Text by Théo-Mario Coppola- Article.

Thisispaper magazine – Portfolio Traces d'une occupation humaine (Traces of a human occupation)

SLASH : « L'archéologie du présent. »

Positive magazine , article by Carmen Mc Intosh.

Le vadrouilleur Urbain

Le Littéraire / Article by Jean-paul Gavard-perret.

Carnet d'art, article by Jean-paul Gavard-perret.

Objectsmag : « Ecomostri italiani fotografati da Amélie Labourdette » , article by Luca Onniboni

Artpress / Article by Marion Zillio.

  • 2016


The Spaces / Article – Portfolio by Betty Wood.

Focus numérique / Interview by Nadia Ali Belhadj.

Gessato magazine / Publication portfolio.

Dodho magazine / Publication portfolio

Virtual Gallery APRIA (Association for Research and image production in anthropology and art)

L'oeil de la photographie

World Photography Organisation

Fisheye Magazine / Publication : portfolio

Polka magazine / Article par Alexandra Nawawi.


FESTIVALS : Video / Cinema (selection)

International Festival of Human Rights in Nantes (2010), Premiers plans Festival, Angers (2009), Premiers plans Festival, Angers (2008), Scopitone, Nantes (2007), Vidéoformes Festival, Clermont-Ferrant (2006), Premiers plans Festival, Angers (2005), Ohneszene Festival, Paris (2004), Les films de l’angle mort, Auberive (Haute-Marne) / La longue nuit du court, Nantes / Interzone, Strasbourg (2003), Bandits-Mages Festival, Bourges (2001).



FILMOGRAPHY (selection)


ARCHIPEL, 10 series of filmed tableaux and sound design, sound cooperation Wilfried Nail, Production: Lolab.

Philippe de Champaigne : une restauration exceptionnelle : documentary Co-directed Wilfried Nail, 21 min.

2009 Physiologie de l’effort : documentary ( Co-directed Benjamin Baudet Production Zarlab), 63 min.

2005 L’Antichambre ( Co-directed David Zard, music Tarek Atoui), produced by Scopitone, The ESBANM, The Regional Council of Pays de la Loire, 17 min.

2003 Le désaveu (Co-directed with David Zard) Cut up video, produced by Vidéozarts, 11min.

2002 … mais les enfants avaient cessé de rire…, Cut up video, 12 min.

2001 Leur impatience se confondait avec l’espoir de participer à un cataclysme général, video installation.




1995- 2000

DNSEP (Fine Art Master degree ), in the Superior School of Fine Arts in Nantes Metropolis (ESBANM), France.